3 Big Enemies That Can Start In WWE Survivor Series 2020

3 Big Enemies That Can Start In WWE Survivor Series 2020

Survivor Series is one of the oldest and biggest events in WWE, just like PPV WrestleMania. It began in 1987, in which big superstars like Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Randy Savage performed.

Now the 34th edition of Survivor Series i.e. Survivor Series 2020 is also not far away. In a few weeks’ events, big superstars like Roman Rance, AJ Styles, Bron Strowman, Asuka, and Bobby Lashley are participating.

The champions vs champions matches are making this show special. But some wrestlers are also participating in the event, whose relationship is not going well for the last few weeks, that is, soon the hostility between them can also be seen.

So let’s take a look at 3 such enemies who may start in the next PPV of WWE.

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Randy Orton vs The Find

Randy Orton is the defending WWE Champion but is yet to find a full match for Survivor Series 2020. Because before that in Raw he has to defend his title against Drew McIntire.

But these days, The Vipers are also targeted at Find. If Orton only gets a match with Roman in the Survivor Series, then Feind’s interference in this match can be seen. The fiend can begin this enmity, leading to Randy’s defeat.

Roman Rance vs Kevin Owens

WWE recently hinted at a storyline between Kevin Owens and Roman Rance to begin. At the same time, according to some reports, WWE is considering Owens as the next opponent of Roman Rance.

Owens landed Kevin Owens in the ring in the last SmackDown episode to teach him a lesson. The special thing is that both Uso and Owens have made it to the team SmackDown for Survivor Series.

In this match, if Kevin finally wins Team SmackDown, then Roman Rains will not like this because the Tribal Chief wants to establish his dominance over the Blue brand by making Uso a pawn. Well, whatever happens in the Survivor Series, the current circumstances are favorable for the start of the rivalry of Owens vs Roman.

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WWE Superstars Naya Jax and Shaina Bazzler

Naya Jax and Shaina Bazzler became the Women’s Tag Team Champions at WWE Payback 2020, defeating Sasha Banks and Bailey. But many such segments have been seen so far when the team of Jacques and Bazzler were seen to be suffering.

It is also well known that the way of the two superstars is different and their separation in the future is certain. Both got a place in the Women’s Team Raw in Survivor Series. The special thing about this match is that on one side there are Bazzlers and Jacques, on the other hand, Mandy Rose and Danna Brook and bringing the fifth member of the team are alone.

That is, the chances of the defeat of the women’s team are very high and the fans are also aware of this. Therefore, to add an interesting aspect to this match, a cheating segment can be booked from where a new singles fight will be started.

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