3 WWE Superstars who can wrestle for next 15 years

Fans who follow professional wrestling are well aware that fitness is of paramount importance in all of them, whether it is WWE or any other sports. A wrestler, whether in WWE or in another wrestling company, cannot fight in the ring if he is not fit or a cricketer who has poor fitness, he cannot play this game further.

Wrestlers working in WWE have to work hard after which they are able to give a bang in the ring. However, sometimes the age of superstars and other things hamper their work. Apart from this, there are many superstars in the company who recover from their hard work and return to the ring despite the injury.

3 WWE Superstars who can wrestle for the next 15 years

In WWE you will also get to see 21 years of wrestlers and 50 years of superstars. Even after the age of 50, if someone wrestles, he is no less than a superstar legend. A superstar if fit can make his career-long in any sport. In this article, we will talk about 3 WWE Superstars who can wrestle for the next 15 years.

3. Dominic Mysterio, son of WWE legend Ray Mysterio

Dominic Mysterio, the son of WWE legend Ray Mysterio, has made headlines in quite some time. Dominic Mysterio is only 23 years old and the company has given him a chance to fight against big superstars like Saith Rawlins.

Dominic has impressed everyone with his ring skills. Looking at him, it seems that he can become a big superstar of the company in the coming time. Dominic is only 23 years old and can comfortably wrestle for up to 15 years, provided he does not suffer a bad injury in the ring.

2. The Find / Brey White

Currently, in WWE, the most talked-about superstar is The Find ie Brey Wight. For some time, he has been giving a bang in the ring as The Find. The company also gave him a chance to win the Universal Championship, which he would not let go.

The Find currently has a good fan following and WWE will not let them go from any other company. The Find is currently 33 years old and can comfortably wrestle for the next 15 years.

1. Drew McIntyre

For Drew McIntire, the year 2020 in WWE has been a great one so far. Winning the Royal Rumble first and then winning the WWE Championship against Brock Lassner at the WrestleMania PPV was the most spectacular thing of his career.

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