3 WWE Superstars who have not won a single title yet

3 WWE Superstars who have not won a single title yet

The WWE roster used to be huge in early 2020, but in the month of April, the company released more than 20 superstars in one stroke. Although some WWE superstars had to lose the job, this has definitely ensured that the chances of getting a chance to be included in the roster now.

Well in this article, we are putting before you some current superstars who have not won any title in the WWE Men roster to date and are still waiting for the chance.

Alastair Black’s winning percentage in WWE is superb

Alister Black has been a former NXT champion but here we are only looking at the main roster titles. Black is one of the superstars who has the highest win percentage in the last 2 years since joining the main roster.

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Although Black had received the Raw and SmackDown tag team title shots together with Ricoshe, he could not succeed in becoming champion.

Lana || 3 WWE Superstars who have not won a single title yet

By the way, Lana has spent most of the time in WWE as a manager. She made her In-Ring debut in 2016, where she shared the ring with superstars like Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

In 2017, she received 4 consecutive SmackDown Women’s Title shots against Neomi, but Lana failed to become the champion. Apart from that, Lana has never got a title shot.

Shayna Baszler gets title shot as soon as she arrives in WWE main roster

It cannot be denied that Shayna Baszler is one of the most talented female in-ring performers on the current WWE roster. In February this year, Bazzler became a part of Raw from NXT and joined the Raw Women’s Championship Feud with Becky Lynch as soon as she entered the main roster.

Very few superstars get the chance to be a part of the world title storyline as soon as they arrive. It seemed that the WWE was headed to make Bazzler a big superstar, but after the defeat against Becky at WrestleMania 36, ​​it seemed that he might have to wait longer to win a title.

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