5 Raw vs SmackDown match which WWE is planning

WWE has waived its brand split rule for some time to come, meaning that now every week one superstar can be seen in another brand. Also, due to not being under the influence of this rule, we may get to see many dream matches in the coming times.

Let us tell you, WWE has suffered a lot due to the Corona epidemic and it would not be wrong to say that WWE has taken this decision to improve its falling rating and it is rumored that there are many dream matches between WWE Raw and SmackDown Superstars. Is making plans In this article, we are going to talk about 5 such Raw vs SmackDown matches which can be seen in WWE in the coming time.

5.WWE Women’s Superstars will be a fight between Shayna Baszler and Sasha Banks

Shayna Baszler suffered a loss at WrestleMania 36 and not only that, she also failed to win a Money in the Bank match. The loss in both these matches has resulted in a lot of loss for the Baszler, so it would be right to face SmackDown superstar Sasha Banks at this time.

If the baszler manages to win this match, he will get a lot of momentum. And, taking advantage of this Momentum, Shayna Baszler can also challenge the new Raw Women’s Champion Asuka in the coming times.

4. Former WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Miz & Morrison vs Street Profits

The Street Profits is a great tag team and it is always entertaining to see them on screen. On the other hand, Miz & Morrison is an excellent heel tag team. Now that WWE has waived its brand split rule, we may get to see matches between these two tag teams in the coming times.

3.WWE Women’s Superstars Naya Jax and Lacey Evans to clash

Lacey Evans has improved a lot in the last few months and her mic-skills have also improved. Apart from this, his face turn received good response from the fans. Lacey will be the perfect rival for Raw superstar Naya Jax, who returned to WWE after WrestleMania.

Although Naya Jax is considered to be the first challenger to Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, but Naya Jax will benefit greatly if Naya fights against Lacey Evans before Asuka starts the feud.

2. Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs Aleister Black

The match of Aleister Black vs Daniel Bryan is no less than a dream match and if this match happens then the fans are going to have a lot of fun watching this match. Both of these superstars are very talented performers and if Black manages to defeat Bryan in this match then they will benefit greatly.

However, it is not going to be easy for Black to beat Bryan in this match and at the same time, it is very difficult to guess the winner of this match right now but it can be said that this match is going to be very good.

1.WWE Champion ‘Drew McIntire’ vs Universal Champion ‘Bron Strowman

Drew McIntyre vs Braun Strowman could not only prove to be a great champion vs champion match, but it could also lead to a feud between Raw vs SmackDown where the company could embark on a storyline Where both brands i.e. RAW and SmackDown have to prove which brand has better champion.

Due to this storyline, WWE can book a champion vs champion match between these two world champions and if this match happens then it will be interesting to see which superstar is going to dominate.

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