5 Shocking Things That Can Happen At WWE SmackDown This Week

5 Shocking Things of WWE:- Last week saw a very different episode of SmackDown in the WWE where the entire SmackDown roster celebrated the Legacy of WWE Legend the Undertaker and, at the same time, saw some matches and sagas. Such superstars such as The Undertaker were forced to bid farewell to him after retiring, and this is probably why WWE programming did not get much attention at SmackDown last week.

WWE would like to make up for its fads and storylines in SmackDown this week, making up for this. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 shocking things that can be seen in the episode of SmackDown this week and this thing can bring a big change in the Blue brand.

1.WWE Universal Champion will release Brae Wyatt Snake on Bron Strowman

During his promo at SmackDown last week, Bron Strowman called Bray Wyatt a Devil and, at the same time, described Sampo as Bray Wyatt’s friend. There is a possibility that Brey Wyatt might drop the snake on Bron Strowman this week in SmackDown bringing his appearance to the audience and let you know, legend Jake the Snake Roberts also used to snake on superstars during his career in WWE.

5 Shocking Things of WWE

2.WWE superstar Asuka will attack Bailey and Sasha Banks in SmackDown

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka was present there during the match of Lou Shirai vs Sasha Banks at the NXT Great American Bash Main Event this week. Also, there is a possibility that Asuka may come on SmackDown this week to attack Bailey & Sasha Banks. It is not hidden from anyone that WWE has seen a steep decline in viewership and that is why WWE could benefit greatly if Asuka comes to SmackDown.

3. Lucha House Party will contest the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship by attacking New Day

Last week at SmackDown, Lucha House Party & New Day defeated the team of Cijero & Nakamura and Miz & Morrison. There is a possibility that the Lucha House Party may be in contention for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship by attacking New Day at SmackDown this week. Also, the pair of Cijero & Nakamura are big contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship and there is a possibility that the Triple Rules match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at Extreme Rules.

4.WWE स्मैकडाउन में एलेक्सा ब्लिस अपने दोस्त निकी क्रॉस के खिलाफ हील टर्न लेंगी

In the No. 1 Contender Match held at SmackDown last week, Nikki Cross defeated Alexa Bliss, Danna Brook, and Lacey Evans for the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at the Extreme Rules PPV. Not only this, during the Fatal Four Way match, but Nikki also tried to pin Alexa Bliss and the thing surprised Bailey and Sasha Banks sitting at ringside as well.

It is not hidden from anyone that Alexa Bliss works better as a heel superstar and if she takes a heel turn, her character will get new. Chances are that Alexa Bliss will take a heel turn by attacking her friend Nikki Cross in SmackDown this week.

5. Will former WWE Superstar Eric Rowan return?

As you all know, WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV is going to have a swamp match between Bray Wyatt vs Bron Strowman, and it looks like SmackDown may have the return of former WWE Superstar Eric Rowan. Let me tell you, Brey Wyatt has posted a pic on Twitter in which he is seen standing alongside Bron Strowman and Eric Rowan and this could be a sign of Rowan’s return to WWE.

Drake Maverick was also recalled to the WWE after being fired from the company earlier, so we should not be surprised if Rowan returns.

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