5 superstars of WWE who are doing nothing at the moment

5 superstars of WWE who are doing nothing at the moment

WWE is a leading wrestling company and has a roster in which it can show the best stories. This includes coming together of friends, separate, real life battles and many other ways. WWE has changed its policies with changing times but despite this effort of the company there are many wrestlers who do not get those opportunities. Many such wrestlers have now been released by WWE while many others are still associated with the company.

Because of this, they are unable to show their skills and the fans do not get the entertainment that is expected. It is not that the company does not have opportunities, but for many reasons, WWE is not possible to give opportunities to every wrestler. This includes Wrestler’s skills, his screen presence, and the entertainment he receives from fans.

Now there are many wrestlers who are doing good work while many others are still not doing any special work. In this article, we are going to talk about five similar wrestlers of WWE:

WWE Wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura

WWE Wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura is a former NXT champion and held the Intercontinental title before Sammy Jane (Sami Zayn). Time changed and there was also a chance for Nakamura as he now lived with the new champion, but WWE snatched the championship from Sammy’s hands a few days ago. He is going to fight next week with AJ Styles, but whether he will win it or not, it remains to be seen. For this, we will have to watch the next week’s show and the result will be the answer to this question.

WWE’s first Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase winner Carmela

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella, who lost her title at the 2018 Summer Slam with Charlotte Flair, has had no significant opportunities in the last two years. You can say that he worked with R-Truth but his and Truth’s contribution in that too was equal. If there is talk of keeping the fans entangled and entertained, then these videos by Carmela during the Corona virus show that they are the experts. It is not known when they will get a chance, but you can see the entertainment given by them on Twitter here.

WWE United States Champion Andrade

WWE United States Champion Andrade had created a distinct identity from his work and at one time it seemed that he would try to improve the midcard. On the contrary, everyone was harmed due to their work and now it is common that hardly anyone will want to work with them. There is no reason to always fight big groups and WWE champions that they get opportunities that they consider their own.

WWE Wrestler Ruby Raitt

With the work of WWE Wrestler Ruby Riott, she made the fans her admirer and upon her return this year, it was expected that she would do something. In contrast, she has participated in four matches so far, losing three of them. Her fourth match was with charlotte Flair at Fastlane which was quite good but still she could not do anything special. Now that the roster is small and there are plenty of opportunities, it has to be seen how the company gives opportunities to this wrestler. Now will Ruby Riott be introduced in a new way or something else. We will know this in the coming times.

WWE Finominal Superstar AJ Styles

It was a shocking moment when AJ Styles lost after winning the Raw and briefcase before Money in the Bank after being defeated by The Undertaker. Now it has to be seen what kind of stories they become a part of next and whether they will get the opportunities they deserve.

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