3 big WWE superstars who were to be a part of The Shield

3 big WWE superstars who were to be a part of The Shield

The Shield has been WWE’s biggest factor. He made his debut in the 2012 Survivor Series PPV and became famous in a short span of time. The group continued the undefined streak right from the start and were much more difficult to beat. The Shield featured Roman Rance, Seth Rawlins, and Dean Ambrose.

All three superstars went on to become tremendous singles stars. Well, being together, they were soon able to win the tag team titles and Dean Ambrose became the United States champion during this time. There were no experienced superstars in this faction. Despite this, he achieved success and made his name among the most impressive factions in WWE history.

There have always been three superstars in The Shield, but some superstars have come out who continue to be a part of The Shield. So we are going to talk about 3 superstars who almost joined The Shield.

1- Former WWE Superstar Cassius Ohno

There was no plan to make Roman Rance a part of the group at the beginning of The Shield. Actually, WWE had decided to make Cassius Ohno part of the group but Roman Rance was later added to the Shield. His career changed after that as he was successful with Shield and then as a singles star he also influenced everyone.

Had Cassius Ohno replaced Roman Rance, he might have had the chance to become the top face of WWE. Well, he was working in NXT UK till some time back but then he was released. A plan change completely changed his WWE career.

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2- CM Punk

CM Punk has always said that the idea of ​​making The Shield was his but WWE stole it. On Colt Cabana’s podcast, CM Punk stated that he had given the idea to WWE that he would be accompanied by three superstars and would be the leader of the group.

Despite this, WWE took Punk’s idea and created a Faction. Well, he didn’t add CM Punk to it and it was a disappointing thing. Had CM Punk also been with The Shield, the fact would have been more successful.

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3- Big E

Big E has been part of WWE’s second successful Faction New Day, not The Shield. Despite this, Saith Rawlins stated in Chris Jericho’s podcast that initially there were 4 people in the group.

It also included Big E’s name. Well, that did not happen later and Big E was not made part of the group. Despite this, Big E was successful in making his name in the New Day Faction. She is currently part of SmackDown as a singles superstar.

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