WWE Clash of Champions 2020: Prediction of results of 5 matches before the show

Preparations for WWE’s next PPV Clash of Champions 2020 have been completed. The Clash of Champions 2020 show, which starts a few hours from now, could become a memorable show for fans as the show has been booked by the WWE in a number of explosive matches.

Clash of Champions in 2020 saw fans witness a tremendous amount of competition including the Universal Championship match between Roman Rance vs. Jay Uso, Drew McIntire vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, Bailey vs. Nicky Cross, Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Sammy Jane Will see

It will be interesting to see which superstars can save their title in Clash of Champions and which new superstars can be seen winning the title. Before every PPV we tell you about its possible consequences. So let’s have a look in this episode on the possible results of all the matches to be held in Clash of Champions 2020.

9. Clash of Champions at the 2020 Pre Show for the Raw Women’s Championship between Asuka vs Jelina Vega

In the pre-show Clash of Champions, the fans will get to see a bang between Asuka vs Jelina Vega. Jelina Vega’s inclusion in the bout against Asuka is a big push for her.

Asuka recently became the Raw Women’s Champion, so her chances of losing the title in Clash of Champions are slim. Jelina may be defeated in this match but it is a big thing for her to join this match. Asuka could retain the Raw Women’s Championship with a win at Clash of Champions.

Guess: Asuka to retain Raw Women’s Championship with a win

8. The Street Profits vs Andrade and Angel Garza (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

In Clash of Champions, The Street Profits will battle against Andrade and Angel Garza to defend the Raw Tag Team Championship. In WWE, The Street Profits has been known for giving great competition from the beginning, while Andrade and Angel Garza have also given good performances in the ring many times.

In such a situation, the fans will see a tremendous tag team match. Talk about the possible outcome of this match, with the victory of Andrade and Angel Garza here, it is expected to become the new tag team champions.

Guess: Andrade and Angel Garza will become the new tag team champions with the win.

7. Naya Jax and Shayna Bazzler Vs Ruby Raitt and Liv Morgan (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match)

Naya Jax and Shayna Bazzler will compete against Ruby Raitt and Liv Morgan for the Women’s Tag Team Championship match. Honestly, there is a possibility of a one-sided victory for Naia Jax and Shaina here.

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Naya Jax and Shayna Bazzler are much stronger in the ring than Ruby Raitt and Liv Morgan and facing them will not be an easy thing for Ruby and Liv. It would be quite surprising if Ruby and Liv win in this match.

Guess: Naya Jax and Shaina Bazzler will retain the title with victory

6. Cijero and Shinske Nakamura Vs Lucha House Party (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Cajero and Shinske Nakamura will compete against the Lucha House Party for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at Clash of Champions. One thing about this match is that any team wins here, but the fans will get a bang.

Cajero and Nakamura are one of the two big superstars of WWE and have been giving great matches for a long time, so in Clash of Champions, they will once again expect a great match.

Guess: Cijero and Shinske Nakamura win

5. Bailey Vs Nikki Cross (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match)

The match between Bailey vs. Nikki Cross is booked for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Nikki Cross is also taking her performance level up as she goes into WWE. In Clash of Champions, it will be interesting to see if she can win against Bailey.

According to rumors, Bailey has an upper hand in this match. I think Nikki still has some time to become the champion. Bailey is likely to retain the title in this match with a win.

Guess: Bailey will retain the title with victory

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