Wwe raw results of 24 february 2020 {Highlights and results}

Wwe raw results of 24 february 2020 {Highlights and results}

Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens and Randy Orton arrive in the ring for the main event. Kevin dominated Randy in the beginning and is on the top rope, with Sethh Rollins, Buddy Murphy and AoP entering. Randy Orton took advantage of this and attacked Owens from behind. Rollins and his companions spread around the ring, but Street Profits and Viking Raiders came and relieved Owens by clearing the ring side. Now once again one on one match is happening. Owens barely dominated that Rollins had come back to distract him.

Randy Orton covered Kevin Owens and the referee pinned Randy to win the match. Whatever the referee did, he surprised everyone. Rollins threw two chairs inside the ring. Randy Orton puts Owens ‘chair under his head and Owens returns and picks up the chair, but the referee snatches the chair from Owens’ hand. Owens tore off the referee’s tshirt and was wearing a Sath Rollins t-shirt inside. Owens has given the referee a stunner and has brought the table into the ring. Owens gave the referee a power bomb above the table. This enmity has become even more dangerous.

Winner- Randy Orton

Buddy Murphy vs Dawkins || Wwe raw results of 24 february 2020

At the beginning of the match, Dawkins made his dominance, but it was not seen from Seth Rollins and he stopped the match by attacking. The match has been disqualified. Now the match between Rollins and Ford has started. The referee has banned Murphy and AoP from the ring side. However, Rollins seems to be in a strong position right now. It is a great match going on between the two superstars. Rollins was trying to give the imitation bomb, but Foord returned and wanted to cover it with a tremendous move over Rollins, but Rollins kicked out. Ford gave a brilliant DDT, but was again kicked out by Rollins. Rollins finally retaliated and set off to give the superplex, but he missed it. The fords missed their move from the top rope and Rollins won the match with a stamp. Rollins has avenged the previous week.

Contract signing of No. 1 contender match to be held in Elimination Chamber PPV

All superstars have arrived, except Shayna Baszler. Asuka, Sarah Logan, Natalia, Liv Morgan and Ruby Rait have signed contracts. Shayna has entered and she has also signed the contract. Now Asuka and Natalia start fighting, there is a clash between Liv Morgan, Logan and Rait on the other side. Shayna is standing alone in the ring and having fun. Becky Lynch’s music played and she has arrived. There is a clash between Lynch and Baszler. The referee, guards and officials came and separated them. The two then started fighting, but were eventually separated.

Bobby Lashley vs R Truth

Both superstars are going to be a part of the gauntlet match to be held in the Super Showdown. From the start of the match, Lashley dominated the Truth, but Truth returned. Truth once again used tremendous moves from John Cena and placed 5 mimic shuffles on Lashley. As soon as R Truth went to AA, Lashley retaliated and won the match by giving a spear.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Drew McIntire interview

Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntire confessed that he himself was responsible for the spoil of his original run. He could not live up to what was expected of him and he made it clear that he would finally meet all the hype at WrestleMania.

Wwe raw results of 24 february 2020 {Highlights and results}

Eric Rowan vs Alister Black

Some time ago backstage AJ Styles, Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacked Alister Black. Black is seen in a lot of pain due to that and Rowan is also taking advantage of the same. Black however showed emotion and drove Rowan out of the ring, but Rowan slammed Black into the barricade. Black made a tremendous comeback in the match and sent Eric Rowan on the backfoot with one tremendous move after another. Black also covered, but Rowan kicked out. Rowan hit back, slamming Black, but Black kicked out.

Rowan again takes Black out of the ring and pushes Barricade over him. Rowan missed his move and collided on the steel steps and his cage also fell. Rowan Kafi looks angry and is killing Black badly. Rowan hit Black at the post and then pushed him into the ring. Rowan lifted his cage and placed it on the steel steps. Black finds time to handle himself and has won the match, applying his finishing move.

Winner – Alister Black

Brock Lassner’s Segment

The WWE Champion has arrived in the ring with his Advocate. Paul Heyman was the first to introduce his client. Heiman said that since 2002, whenever Lassner has to become champion, he has been. In the Super Showdown, he will do what he enjoys with Ricochet. Heman has made it clear that Brock Lassner will take on the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and face Drew McIntire. Heiman made it clear that McIntire would be taken to Suplex City at WrestleMania and that F5 would be his job. Lassner simultaneously targeted both of his rivals.

Ricoshe vs Luke Gallows

Ricochet would like to go on with a win at Super Showdown. Richeosch is closely watched by Paul Hayman backstage. Gallows is dominating Ricoshe at the moment, he tried to cover, but he kicked out. Ricoshe seems to be in trouble, but he is trying to fight back and also succeeded. Luke Gallows wanted to regain control, but Ricoshe hit a super kick and was on the top rope, winning the match giving his finishing move. He will certainly gain a lot of confidence before the match against Lassner.

Winner – Ricoshe

Angel Garza vs Humbarto Carillo

For the first time a one-on-one singles match is taking place between the two brothers. Both used tremendous moves to dominate each other from the start. The two are fighting on Apron at the moment. There are a lot of great kicks one after the other. Angel Garza has given the move from the top rope. The two tried to pin each other continuously, but in the end Angel Garza won the match, pinning Humberto Carrillo and pinning them.

Winner – Angel Garza

Wwe raw results of 24 february 2020 {Highlights and results}

Randy Orton’s Segment

Randy Orton coming to the ring to debut Raw. Randy Orton said that he needed to apologize. He is not very emotional, but he is not, but his feelings are coming out more. He then said that after 15 years, Raw is happening in Winnipeg. Randy Orton praised Edge and then said that what he did to him cannot come here after that. Randy Orton says he apologizes heartily for what he did. The music of Kevin Owens is playing and he is fast in the ring. Owens said that he did not think Randy apologized sincerely, so let me tell you why he did this to Edge. Owens praised Edge and said that Randy had broken his dream. Owens again asks Randy to answer the attack. Owens challenged Randy Orton to the match and he accepted it.


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