WWE Raw Results Of 17 February 2020 {Complete Matches}

Kevin Owens and Viking Raiders vs Aop and Buddy Murphy (Main Event)

The Six Man Tag Team Match has begun. Right now Owens and the team are overshadowing Buddy Murphy. Murphy is not allowed to go to his corner, Owens, on the other hand, is steadily keeping his grip on the match by giving his partner a tag. Murphy tagged Akam with the last chance, Akam and Ivar are fighting in the ring at the moment. Ivar tagged Eric and that Akam has no answer. Akam retaliated and tagged Rezar. Eric is now seen in difficulty, Heel Faction has taken hold. Kevin Owens joined the match by taking the tag, but soon got into trouble and was unable to give the tag to his partner. Murphy and Owens are killing each other. Both superstars have fallen down and given the tag to their partner. Ivar is getting hitched all over the entry and has tagged Eric. Owens has been tagged and made a tremendous move over the razor from the top rope, but kicked out. Rezar tagged Murphy and he missed the move from the top rope, with Owens giving the popup power bomb. Viking Raiders dived outside the ring above AOP. Owens gave Murphy a stunner in the ring, but Rowlins came and attacked Owens. AOP dropped the Viking Raiders out of the ring. Now 4 on 1 attack on Owens inside the ring. Street profits have arrived and he rescues Owens. The Viking Raiders, Owens, and Street Profits together put AOP and Murphy in bad shape. Rowlins is looking very angry at the entrance ramp, but with this, the great episode of Raw ended

Ricoshe vs Carl Anderson

AJ Styles has entered the ring with The OC. AJ Styles has appeared for the first time since the injury at the Royal Rumble. Styles said what a pleasure Wrestlemania would have been without him, and his teammates called him the new Mr. Wrestlemania. Styles said that he is the best superstar of any roster. Styles said that when he would win the gauntlet match in the Super Showdown, he would say who was next. He said that he could be anyone, then whether it be Brock Lesner, Drew McIntire, Roman Reigns, Ricochet, Undertaker or Sean Michaels, he doesn’t care. Ricoshe’s music has played and he has entered the ring. Styles said that he joked with Ricoshe’s name. Styles said that what Ricochet did was that he got the match for the WWE Championship. Ricoshe stated that he had won the match for the Super Showdown match and that he would defeat Lesner and become WWE Champion. Styles laughed and Ricochet challenged him to the match. Karl Anderson accepted the challenge and the match between the two superstars began. AJ Styles tried to interfere in the match, but the referee banned Luke Gallows and Styles backstage. Both superstars used tremendous moves on each other and had plenty of chances to win, but in the end Ricoshe won the match via pin fall.

Winner: Ricoshe 

WWE Raw Results Of 17 February 2020 {Complete Matches}

Saith Rollins’ Segment

Raw tag team champions Saith Rollins and Buddy Murphy and have joined them in the AOP ring. Rollins thanked everyone for choosing him as their Monday Night Messiah. Rollins said that we have come here to celebrate Progress and Future, which are from my vision. The attack completed the first stop last week, with Crowd booing them. Rollins is asking Crowd to give him respect. Rollins said that last week he defeated Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and the Viking Raiders. Rollins said the second stop is not going to be easy, but it is going to be very important. The Viking Raiders have come out and attacked AOP and Buddy Murphy, and Rollins escapes. However, Kevin Owens came on stage and gave Rollins a tremendous stunner.

Natalia vs Kyari Sen

There was a tremendous match between the two superstars. Natalia and Kyari Sen made tremendous moves on top of each other. At one point in the match, Natalia attempted to give a sharpshooter to Kyrie Sen, but Asuka lost her attention and then took a tremendous kick to Natalia, taking advantage of the referee’s attention. After this, Natalia could not make it to the ring for 10 counts and Kyri Sen won the match through a count out.

Winner: Kyari Sen

Rusev and Humberto Carillo vs Bobby Lashley and Angel Garza

Rusev is seen in Raw for the first time after the Royal Rumble, but the Heel Faction is still dominating. Carillo finally tagged Rusev and he gave Garza tremendous suplexes as he arrived. Now Rusev is badly killing Lashley, but Garza tries to pin Rusev but fails. Carillo dives on Suicide Dive to Garza, but Lashley gives Carillo the Spear outside the ring. Rusev also made a tremendous move on Lashley. Rusev is now on the top rope and made a tremendous move. Angel Garza kicked out. Rusev had a tremendous kick to Lashley, Angel Garza took advantage of the opportunity and pinned Rusev to win the match. After the match, Rusev attacked Garza and threw him outside the ring.

Winner: Bobby Lashley and Angel Garza

Becky lynch segment

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has arrived and she also has a bag in her hand. Becky Lynch has thrown ring money and said that she is ready to pay whatever fine she is going to do with Shayna Baszler. Shayna Baszler is seen on screen and said that she is going to be a part of the Women’s Elimination Chamber match and the winner of this match will get a chance for Lynch title at Wrestle Mania. Shayna said that she will win the match to the Elimination Chamber and is going to do worse at Wrestle Mania than what she did in Raw. Becky Lynch thanked Shayna for telling her and she would like the badger to win.

Drew McIntire vs MVP

Royal Rumble match winner Drew McIntire stated that at Wrestle Mania he would win the WWE Championship by defeating Brock Lassner. He said that only Claymore Country at WrestleMania would make Suplex City ill. They were talking about Paul Heyman coming and he joked that Brock Lesner was entering. Heyman targeted McIntire and then called his rival MVP, he is in the ring. The MVP had announced his retirement from WWE for the match against Ray Mysterio in Raw after the Royal Rumble, but now returned. The MVP attacked Drew McIntire early in the match. The match has started and Drew appears to be quite angry giving the Irish Swift Move to MVP. McIntire has now given DDT and is preparing for his finisher. McIntire gave the MVP a Claymore kick and won the match, pinning him.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

R Truth vs Mojo Rowley vs Riddick Moss (24 * 7 championship match)

A very small contest was seen for the 24*7 championship. During the match, R Truth used John Cena’s famous Mimic Shuffle Move, but Mojo Rawley hit back, beating Truth. Moss then pinned Rowley while rolling up and retained his title. After the match, Rowley tried to attack Truth, but Truth heaped him on a tremendous move.

Winner – Riddick Moss

Segment of charlotte flair

The winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble match, Charlotte Flair, arrives in the ring. A recent NXT takeover featured a video of the way Charlotte attacked Riya Ripley. Charlotte said he remembered his NXT days. Charlotte Flair threatens him before the match against Rhea Ripley at Wrestle Mania.

Alister Black vs Eric Rowan

Eric Rowan first came in the ring and after him Alistair Black. Rowan has started making tremendous moves on Black in the beginning. Rowan smashes Black on the barricade and then hits him right there, but eventually Black returns and puts a tremendous moonsault on Rowan. Combat once again getting inside the ring, Black tried to pin, but Rowan kicked out. Rowan gave Black a big boot and then a powerbomb, but he kicked out. Alastair Black retaliated, giving Rowan two consecutive black masses. After this they have won this match by pinning them. Eric Rowan gets his first defeat after a long time.

Winner – Alister Black

Randy Orton’s Segment

Randy Orton debuts on Raw this week. He has come into the ring and is currently showing a video of what he did with Matt Hardy last week. Randy said that his match was to be a No Holds Byrd match against Matt Hardy, but after whatever happened last week the match is not going to happen. Matt Hardy is out and is wearing a neck brace. Hardy then asks what has happened to them. You did the same thing to him, which happened to Edge. However, you cannot take away their passion. Hardy said he had not been cleared by the doctor, but would still fight. They will not walk according to them, they will walk on their own. Randy said that he respects him and Edge a lot and considers Edge to be his brother. Randy Orton apologized to Matt Hardy and then left the ring. Matt Hardy brings the chair to the ring and Randy is also coming back towards the ring. Hardy tries to hit from the chair, but Randy makes a reversal move and Hardy is seen in great pain. Randy Orton gave Matt Hardy an RKO and is now attacking Hardy with a chair. Randy is badly beating Matt Hardy from the chair, he has done badly.

WWE Raw Results Of 17 February 2020 {Complete Matches}

Randy Orton puts the chair under Hardy’s head and also removes and throws the neck brace. Randy tries to attack Matt Hardy’s neck from the chair, Crowd is booing him and the referee also tries to stop him. Randy walks out of the ring, but he comes back again and brings Hardy out of the ring and puts his head on the steel steps and strikes the chair on his neck. Randy Orton is laughing, he’s having a lot of fun doing it all. Matt Hardy is seen in half-hearted condition. Randy Orton again puts his head on the steel steps and strikes the chair on his neck. They again said sorry


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