WWE Smackdown Results Of 14th February 2020 {Highlights And Complete Matches}

WWE Smackdown Results Of 14th February 2020 {Highlights And Complete Matches}

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs The Miz and John Morrison

The Miz and John Morrison are first in the ring and are giving their promos. The music of Roman reigns has played and he has entered the ring. Reigns’s mystery partner is none other than Daniel Bryan, who had a glimpse of the Heal Turn last week and misbehaved with Heath Slater. King Corbin is seen in the middle of the crowd, he has tickets. The match has finally begun, with Daniel Bryan currently overshadowing Miz and Morrison. Bryan hits Morrison in the ring with a kick. Corbin is also watching this match with great attention. Miz and Morrison finally made a comeback and made tremendous moves on both of them outside the ring. Morrison is at the top rope at the moment, but Brian withdraws and John misses his move. Miz and Reigns have come to the ring with the tag. Reigns now killing Miz, he also throws Morrison out of the ring. Now Miz has his full attention and gave a tremendous big boot. Reigns goes to deliver a Superman punch, but Miz defends himself and gives the tag to John Morrison. Morrison almost pinned Reigns, but Reigns kicked out. Reigns returns Morrison to Superman Punch. Morrison tagged Miz and he gave Reigns a skull crushing finale. Bryan saves Reigns, but Miz gives Bryan a kick. Reigns gave Miz a Superman Punch and then pinned him with a Spear and named the match. After the match, Corbin attacked Rains on the head from behind and went from there.

Winner: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

Otis and Mandy Rose’s Valentine’s Date

Mandy Rose was waiting for Otis and Otis arrived at the restaurant excitedly and he also brought a rose flower for Mandy. However, before him, Dolph Ziggler arrives and Otis sees Mandy and Ziggler sitting together. Seeing this, he became very unhappy and after dropping the flower there, he went away from there. Certainly Otis’s most important day was spoiled by Ziggler.

Sammy Jane and Cicero’s Segment

Both of them have brought guitar in the ring and are looking for a Protest concert.Elias has also come into the ring and sits on the top rope. Sammy Jane is not going to let the crowd play at all and Sammy Jane-Cesaro seems to be upset by this.Elias attacks Cesaro and when he loses sight of Sammy Jane, Cesaro attacks Uko. The music of BronStrowman came and he killed the guards and then Cesaro also became his victim. In the ring, Strowman and Ilyas put the guard on the guard outside the ring.

Hulk Hogan interview || WWE Smackdown Results Of 14th February 2020

Michael Cole welcomed WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan and said that soon you are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for the second time. Hulk Hogan was asked about the championship match between Goldberg and The Find, to which Hulk Hogan said there is not much chance of a champion. With this, Bray Wyatt comes to his segment and stops Hogan in the middle, Hulk Hogan tells Bray Wyatt to be careful with Goldberg. However Brey Wyatt said he has his fiends. Bray Wyatt also had a photo of Hulk Hogan, why are they going to be the next victims of the Find?

Sheamus vs Apollo Cruise and Shorty G (2 on 1 Handicap Match)

Before the start of the fight, the two together attacked Sheamus. The referee finally started the match, tearing apart. Apollo and Shorty continue to dominate Sheamus, showing better combinations. Sheamus finally bounced back and gave Shorty G his trademark move to the ring post. Apollo Cruise has now arrived in the ring. Once again, taking advantage of the numbers game, he wanted to put pressure on Sheamus, but first he gave a Brogue Kick to Shorty G and then won the match easily by giving a Brogue Kick to Apollo Cruise.

Winner – Sheamus

Bailey vs Carmela (Smackdown Women’s Championship match)

Both superstars are in the ring for the match. Carmella catches up at the start of the match and is trying to put pressure on Bailey, but Bailey regains control in the match. Carmella slaps Bailey and then gives a drop kick. Bailey returns once again and moves to Carmella, taking her to the ring corner. Bailey is on the top rope, but she misses the move, which Carmella takes advantage of and hits a super kick. Bailey appears to be in trouble and Carmella dives Susai. Carmella is now on the top rope and put on a cross body move, but Bailey kicks out. Bailey made a tremendous comeback giving Bailey to Bailey Suplex, but she could not pin down. The performance of both the superstars in this match is getting very good and both came very close to winning many times. Carmel hit a tremendous kick, but Bailey took himself out of the ring and survived the pin. Carmella held Bailey in the submission move, but Bailey then saved himself. Bailey finally took advantage of the opportunity and won the match by pinning Carmela. Bailey won the match dishonestly, as his feet touched the rope while pinning. After the match, Bailey attacked Carmella and then posed with the championship. Neomi has also arrived. Carmella attacks Bailey from behind and then the two of them put their moves on Bailey and out of the ring.

Winner: Bailey

Moment of Bliss Segment || WWE Smackdown Results Of 14th February 2020

SmackDown is being debuted by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, and at the first Moment of Bliss in 2020, they welcomed everyone and also greeted Valentine’s Day. Bliss calls Brad Pitt his celebrity crush and then calls Carmela as his show’s guest. Bliss said your victory surprised everyone, responding to which Carmella said that she will surprise everyone this week too, when she will beat Bailey. Carmella said that she and Bailey were once best friends and said that if Sasha Banks came in between them, their friendship deteriorated and also felt bad. Bailey’s music played and she came out as well, she told Carmella to be quiet as soon as she arrived. Bailey said that this is not about Sasha Banks, but that she hates NXT, and Bailey calls her a loser.


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