Wwe Smackdown Results Of 19 June 2020

Wwe Smackdown Results Of 19 June 2020

The episode of SmackDown was interesting. Where there was a big debut at the beginning of the show. Also, the old enemies came along. Well, let’s look at the results of all the matches and segments that happened in the episode of SmackDown.

SmackDown’s opening segment

The show started with a segment where AJ Styles was interviewed and a Ceremony was awarded for the title. Many mid-card superstars stood at ringside during this time. Styles explained his win and then Rainy Young talked of giving him the title but Styles said that Daniel Bryan would give him the IC title. After this Brian spoke a bit but Matt Riddle’s music played. Styles and Riddle argue and then the match is booked.

AJ Styles vs Matt Riddle in SmackDown

The match was earlier scheduled for the Intercontinental Championship, but Styles refused. The match started well. Well at the end of the match Daniel Bryan was mentoring Matt Riddle at ringside. Styles did not like this and pushed Brian. During this time Riddle stood on his feet. Styles applied the Finnominal Fourarm but Riedle converted and pinned it to his finisher, Bro Derek.

Result: Matt Riddle won

A backstage interview with Jeff Hardy was seen where he talked about his life.

Chad Gable vs Mojo Rowley in SmackDown

Gable takes the mic and says that Mojo’s eyes are fixed on him. Mojo then ran and entered but Gable smashed him. In the match, Rowley’s shoulder looked heavy but in the end, Gable rolled up with the help of inside cradle and won.

Result: Chad Gable Wins

SmackDown में मिज़ टीवी सैगमेंट

Miz and Morrison apologize for their defeat at the backlash. After this Mandy Rose and Sonya Devil entered. There was a long debate between the two where they put their reasons for separation. After this, Brawl was seen between the two. During this time Miz tried to separate them. Sonya left the ring and Mandy wanted to follow them but Miz was not letting them out. Because of this, he slaps Miz.

New Day vs Lucha House Party in SmackDown

Sasha Banks and Bailey were part of the commentary team during this match. New Day was almost certain to win but the Lucha House Party gave a good fight. At the end of the match, New Day pinned the Lucha House Party with midnight over.

Result: New Day wins

After the match, Cijero and Shinske Nakamura entered and attacked the tag team champions.

Backstage Sheamus was interviewed where he described himself as a bully. To celebrate next week.

Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross in SmackDown

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss attack Bailey and Sasha Banks. Because of the book’s singles match between the two stars. The match started off slow but eventually saw several roll-ups and Sasha Banks pinned the cross with the help of Meteora.

Result: Sasha Banks Wins

Firefly Fun House Segment in SmackDown

The Firefly Fun House Segment of Bray Wyatt returns. The rabbling rabbit reminded him of the defeat of Bron Strowman. Wyatt is about to keep his word, but Bron Strowman enters and says the story is over. Wyatt went on to say that a chapter is over, not a story. He entered Brey Wyatt’s old Gimmick and said that Bron would have to find him. This whole thing was weird and scary

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