WWE Smackdown Results Of 25 September 2020

The last episode of SmackDown that preceded Clash of Champions is now over. WWE had already made a few announcements for SmackDown, but the episode of SmackDown as a whole was shocking. Let’s look at all the matches and sagas this week:

#) Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles vs Sammy Jane

This week SmackDown began with a match between IC champions Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Sammy Jane. Corey Graves announced that both titles would be hung in the Clash of Champions and that the match would be a Winner Take All match.

She hangs up with Sammy Jane and Hardy taking her belt. The match was initially to be between Hardy and Jane, but Styles was added later. It was a tremendous match and all the three superstars made a tremendous move from one to the other.

At the end of the match, AJ Styles gave Hardy the Phenomenal Forearm, but Jane took advantage and pinned Hardy and won the match. After the match, Styles attacked Hardy and Jane from the Ladder and gained both titles while climbing Ladder. The match for the IC Championship at Clash of Champions PPV will be tremendous.

Winner: Sammy Jane

#) Shinske Nakamura vs Grain Metallic

Nakamura and Metallic had a singles match before the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match at Clash of Champions. The match did not last long and Shinske Nakamura completely dominated and in the end, Nakamura won the match giving Kinshasa the Metallic and getting the required Momentum before PPV. After the match, Cicero attacked Dorado and made a tremendous move on him.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

#) J uso segment

Jay Uso spoke at SmackDown before the WWE Universal Championship match against Roman Rance. J Uso also gave a tremendous promo and promoted his match tremendously. Roman Rance and Paul Heiman were also featured continuously during this segment.

#) Matt Riddle vs King Corbin

Payback PPV featured a match between Matt Riddle and King Corbin, with Riddle winning. This week the match between the two superstars took place in SmackDown and it was a tremendous fight. Riddle and Corbin made several great moves against each other, but everyone was surprised to see what happened at the end of the match. Matt Riddle wanted to give a floating brow from the top rope, but Corbin saved himself and won the match, giving an end of the day. Matt Riddle was disappointed after the loss at SmackDown.

Winner: King Corbin

#) Alexa Bliss vs Lacey Evans

Sister Abigail was given to Lacey Evans by Alexa Bliss at SmackDown last week. This week the match between the two superstars took place at SmackDown. It was a good match going on, but in the middle of the match the way The Feind’s laughter first broke Bliss to Momentum and the sound of The Feind began to be heard during the match and Bliss then fired all his anger at Lacey Evans. . The referee finally disqualified Bliss. After the match, Bliss again gave Sister Abigail out of the ring to Evans. After this, Find appeared on the screen and Bliss started laughing from the ring. However, Roman Rains came out and Bliss stared at him dangerously while he was entering.

Winner: Lacey Evans

#) Roman Rance’s Segment at SmackDown’s Main Event

WWE Universal champion Roman Rance and Paul Heiman came to the ring to give their sagging at SmackDown, but before that, they came out to speak. Roman Rance targets Jay Uso and says Uso has been a great tag team, but he doesn’t know what it is to stay on top.

According to Rance, Femina defines him as the Tribal Chief. They will remain the face of the company and they can never take the place. Roman Rance departed saying this, but Jay Uso took the mic.

Jay said that why can’t he do all this, he kept fighting over his life, but at the top is Roman Rance. J Uso stated that Clash of Champions would defeat Roman Rance in the PPV and become Universal Champion. After this, everyone will know them.

Saying this, Jay Uso started going, but on the ramp, Roman Rance gave his brother a dangerous Superman Punch by surprise. Roman Rance badly vented his anger on Jay Uso. With this came the end of the episode of SmackDown.

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