All Wwe Smackdown Results Of 28 February 2020 {Smackdown Highlights}

John Cena’s Segment

John Cena finally appears in WWE for the first time since Wrestle Mania 35. Crowd is cheering them a lot and everyone’s wait is over. After the return of Cena, there is a lot of enthusiasm. Cena said what are they doing here? It’s Wrestle Mania season and no one wants to miss it. Cena said that she will always be a WWE Superstar and what she is going to do at Wrestle Mania. He said that he is going to do something different. They know how hard each and every superstar works to get a Wrestle Mania Moment. Crowd is cheating Cena. John Cena announced that Wrestle Mania should be without him this year. Crowd does not like it, Cena clarifies that he has not said goodbye forever. Cena said that he does not want to replace any young wrestler and he respects the locker room. Sina has started saying thank you. Sina was on the entrance ramp, but the light has gone off and behind them are Fynd. Find has challenged Cena for Wrestle Mania. Cena has accepted. The light is off again and this is the end of the episode of SmackDown.

All Wwe Smackdown Results Of 28 February 2020 {Smackdown Highlights}

The Miz and John Morrison vs Usos

The new SmackDown tag team champions The Miz and John Morrison said they proved everyone wrong and named the championship their own. Both started celebrating after this. The Announcers then announced that in the Elimination Chamber, the two would defend their championships against New Day, Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, Robert Rude-Dolph Ziggler and The Usos. Miz and Morrison are not at all happy with this decision. The match between Usos and Miz has started. The Miz dominated the game from the beginning and they are not letting Usos tag each other. Usos made a tremendous comeback and held the match. Now John Morrison tried to take cover while attempting a counterattack, but Usos kicked out. The Miz gets a super kick and covers Morrison with a Frog Splash move and names the match.

Winner – The Usos

Curtis Axel vs Daniel Bryan

Curtis Axel dominates Daniel Bryan. Drew Gulak is also present outside the ring. Bryan returns and he hits Axel with a tremendous clothesline. He is now putting a yes kick and now Bryan tries to hit the submission move, but Axel tries to pin him down with a reversal. Brian has saved himself. Bryan has again given a submission move and Axel had no choice but to tapout.

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Will defend Goldberg Universal Championship against Roman Rance at WrestleMania 36

Contract Challenge for IC Championship || Wwe Smackdown Results Of 28 February 2020

Bron Strowman is about to defend his IC Championship against Shinske Nakamura at the Elimination Chamber PPV. The contract is being signed for this only. Rene Young said that you guys should read the contract. Strowman said that he does not care what is in the contract, because he can fight the three. Sammy Jane used Strowman’s words against him and Cijero-Sammy Jane and Shinske Nakamura have also signed on. Sammy Jane said there will be a 3 on 1 one match in the Elimination Chamber. Strowman attacked Nakamura, but now the numbers game is stacked against him. Sammy Jane gives Strowman a Hailuva kick, Nakamura then kinshasa. The three together again throw Strowman on top of the table.

Kofi Kingston vs Robert Rood

Robert Rudd has been holding the match since the beginning and is trying to put pressure on Kofi. Kofi finally returns and throws Rude out of the ring. Ziggler, on the other hand, distracted the referee, with Rood taking advantage and pretending to be hurt. This is why the referee banned Big E from ringside. Rudd wanted to move from the top rope, but the move was missed, which led to Kofi getting a momentum and making a tremendous move over Rude. Kofi tried to cover with a crossbody, but Rood kicked out. Kofi gave Rood the SOS move and while he was being pinned, Ziggler placed Rood’s foot on Ropes and saved him. Rudd then covered Ziggler and won the match via pinfall.

Winner – Robert Rood

Sasha Banks and Bailey vs Naomi and Lacey Evans

The tag team match has started. Bailey and Sasha Banks make a double move over Neomi, but Neomi has kickout. Now Sasha Banks has arrived and she is also overshadowing Neomi, Neomi is seen in a lot of trouble. Neomi retaliated and made a tremendous move on Sasha. Lacey Evans gets the tag and starts moving Bailey as soon as she arrives. Lacey has completely changed the stance of the match. Neomi has taken the tag and Sasha saved her team from defeat. Lacey and Sasha are fighting outside the ring. In the ring, Neomi covered Bailey and pinned the match to his name.

Winner – Neomi and Lacey Evans

Bailey vs Neomi

This week’s first match at SmackDown is scheduled to take place between Bailey and Neomi. Bailey introduces Sasha Banks before the start, with Sasha returning after a long time. Bailey starts beating Neomi, but soon Neomi catches up and attempts to pin Bailey. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks came and attacked Neomi. Lacey Evans has also arrived, the fight between the four superstars has begun. It has been announced that this will be a tag team match.

Winner – Neomi Wins Disqualification

Goldberg segment

The new Universal champions Goldberg are debuting SmackDown. Goldberg said to ask who was the last, tell who is next, Crowd is booing them. The music of the Roman Rance has been played and they have arrived. Crowd does not look happy at all. Rance has said ‘I’m Next’.

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