Wwe Smackdown Results Of 3 July 2020 :- Friday Night

Wwe Smackdown Results Of 3 July 2020

WWE Smackdown Results Of 3 July 2020:- The episode of SmackDown was not very interesting. WWE started the show in a tremendous way but the final segment did not attract much attention. Well, let’s look at the results of all the matches and segments that occurred in the episode of SmackDown.

Matt Riddle vs John Morrison at SmackDown

Matt Riddle was interviewed in the ring, where King Corbin interfered and told that John Morrison would challenge Riddle. Because of this, the match was decided. The match was very good and interesting. King Corbin and The Miz tried to distract Riddle but Riddle defeated John Morrison with the help of a rollup.

Result: Matt Riddle Wins

AJ Styles came and attacked Riddle after the match. Backstage King Corbin said he would end Riddle’s career.

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AJ Styles vs Drew Gulak (Intercontinental Championship) at SmackDown

WWE had already decided this match. In the match, AJ Styles showed his technical skills against Gulak and a chance came when it seemed that Gulak could win but nothing happened. In the end, AJ Styles won by applying Finnominal Fourarm to Gulak.

Result: AJ Styles Retains IC Title

WWE Smackdown Results Of 3 July 2020

Bailey vs Alexa Bliss in SmackDown || Wwe Smackdown Results Of 3 July 2020

Bailey and Sasha came into the ring and cut promos and made fun of The Undertaker. He gave himself a tribute. This was followed by the entry of Nikki Cross and Bliss. The match between the two stars was decided from here. In the end, Nikki Cross interfered in the match and attacked Bailey, including Sasha. Because of this, the match ended due to disqualification.

Result: Bailey wins DQ

The dangerous promo segment of the match of Brey Wyatt and Bron Strowman was shown.

Kofi Kingston vs Shinske Nakamura at SmackDown

Kofi Kingston had an upper hand at the start of the match, but as the match progressed, the match started to go in favor of Heal Star. Later Kofi tried to make a good comeback but did not succeed. There was a time in the match when Nakamura trapped Kofi in the sleeper hold and then pinned him with the help of Running Ni.

Result: Shinske Nakamura wins || WWE Smackdown Results Of 3 July 2020

After the match, Nakamura asked Cijero to bring him to the table. Cajero pulled out the table but was attacked by Big E in such a time. WWE has teased a Tables match from here.

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus’ segment in SmackDown

Jeff Hardy entered the ring where a lot of bottles of wine were lying. Hardy picks up Mike and calls Sheamus. Sheamus appeared on screen and decided to party from his home. Sheamus made fun of Jeff Hardy’s struggles and other things during this time. He was later given a glass of wine, but he poured it on the wine-waiting waiter and after that, he smashed the bottle of wine on the man’s head. Finally, he applied the Swanton bomb and ended the segment.

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