WWE Smackdown September 25, 2020: Superstars Power Ranking

This was the last Smackdown episode before WWE Clash of Champions, which had a shorter timeline, but Smackdown’s show proved to be interesting. It began with a Triple Threat match by AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Sammy Jane.

A total of 4 matches were fought from beginning to end and some banging segments and promos were also seen. The main event segment in particular was successful in attracting everyone’s attention, in which the enmity of 2 brothers has taken a new model.

WWE Smackdown September 25, 2020: Superstars Power Ranking

Everyone performed well and keeping this in mind, in this article we are keeping the power rankings of Smackdown superstars in front of you.

Sammy Jane ||  Superstars Power Ranking

These days the WWE Intercontinental Championship storyline of Sammy Jane, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles is at its peak. The episode of Smackdown was fought between the three superstars in which Jane has a big win.

It is often seen that the superstar who is shown to be powerful during the storyline build-up has to face defeat in the next big event. Now whether or not he wins in the Ladder Match of Clash of Champions, but this victory was very important for his singles to push.

WWE Smackdown September 25, 2020: Superstars Power Ranking

Last week at Smackdown, it was seen that Jay Uso pinned Corbin and won before Roman took advantage of the opportunity. Roman Rance also appeared quite angry with this.

At the same time, Uso gave a great promo at Smackdown this week and he has given a tremendous promo, laying the foundation for a bang in Clash of Champions.

Although Uso’s defeat in the upcoming PPV seems set, it would not be wrong to say that given the storyline build-up, a tremendous match will be fought between the 2 brothers in Clash of Champions, including Jay Uso. The chances of appearing powerful have also increased.

Alexa Bliss

In the episode of Smackdown, a good match was being fought between Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans. But it was during the match that The Find appeared on the screen, which completely changed Bliss’s gestures. Now there is no question mark that Bliss has completely come under the control of the Find.

At the same time, seeing Roman staring at him while going backstage is also an indication that he can be seen with Roman trying to win the feat completely in the Universal Championship storyline, to avoid the current champion and Paul Heyman Will not be easy for

Roman Rance

There is no doubt that since Paul Hayman became Roman Rance’s advocate, his promo skills have improved. The biggest example of this was seen in Smackdown this week.

In this episode of Smackdown, the current WWE Universal champion was unable to control his temper and also gave Uso a strong Superman punch. Roman also attacks his brother and shows that whoever makes him angry will not be spared at any cost.

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