WWE Raw, 21 September 2020: Superstars’ power ranking

The last Raw episode before WWE Clash of Champions 2020 proved to be a blast and the show has impressed everyone. Raw started with Retribution and directly targeted The Heart Business.

A total of 7 bouts were fought in the show and many bang promos and segments were also seen. At the same time, some new storylines have also been seen. Some big matches were also announced for the upcoming PPV. Keeping these things in mind, let’s know which superstars performed the most in this Raw episode.

5) Zelina Vega

This week Raw features Zelina Vega and Mickey James, whose winner was to receive the Raw Women’s Title shot against Asuka in the WWE Clash of Champions 2020. In the end, Vega won and won the championship match.

Now, these are signs that he has completely separated himself from the team of Andrade and Angel Garza. After a long time, Vega finally has a chance to prove herself as a singles superstar, which she will not let go at any cost.

4) Andrade and Angel Garza || WWE Raw 21 September 2020

Till last week it seemed that the team of Andrade and Angel Garza is now going to be different but in Raw, they did quite well as a team. He has won the Triple Threat Tag Team Match against The Street Profits in the Clash of Champions.

However, the reigning champions can take advantage of sourness in Garza and Andrade’s ties to win in the upcoming PPV. Still, it will be interesting to see what big plans WWE has prepared for the Mexican team.

3) Bron Strowman

However, fans wanted to see Bron Strowman as being part of the WWE Universal Championship storyline for a little longer. But his current storyline is also no less interesting.

From Raw to Raw Underground too, he has now become a big enemy of Deba Kato. He also had a big win against Cato this week. This not only gives both the monster superstars a big storyline, but the raw underground will also benefit greatly from this fight.

2) Randy Orton || WWE Raw 21 September 2020

This episode of Raw featured a match between WWE Champion Drew McIntire and Keith Lee. When McIntire came very close to victory, everyone was surprised by Randy Orton attacking the champion.

His stunning promo and challenging McIntire for an ambulance match clearly show that the Clash of Champions match is going to be a blast. Since this will be an ambulance match, there can be no superstar disqualification. Therefore Keith Lee’s chances of interfering in this match have increased.

1) Retribution

Why should not Retribution get first place in this list? Now this group has not only attacked sabotage and superstars but has also joined the storylines. His enmity with The Heart Business is gradually gaining color on fans.

The kind of match that took place between the two teams in Raw this week is a clear indication that this explosive fight is going to be long-lasting. This enmity would allow retribution to be given more on-screen time and would prove itself to be WWE’s biggest heal factor.

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