5 WWE Superstars Who Failed To Identified By Fans

5 WWE Superstars Who Failed To Identified By Fans

WWE is the largest pro wrestling brand in the world and its roster is as big as the largest brand. There are often some superstars whose looks are very similar to each other, there are many of them in which it is not easy for anyone to differentiate.

Jimmy and Jay Uso, for example, are much more difficult to identify. In interviews, J is often referred to as Jimmy and sometimes by opposite names, both superstars. But it is easy to identify members of The Street Profits or The Revival, as their looks are quite different.

Apart from The Usos, there have been many such superstars in which it is very difficult for the media professionals to differentiate not only for the fans. So let’s have a look at 5 superstars who look very similar.

WWE Superstar was considered Jack Ryder

In January 2018, Sammy Jane on the Talk is Jericho podcast told that he once went on holiday in Iceland. Meanwhile, he met Aaron Paul, the star of the Breaking Bad TV series, and the two also took pictures with fans. But one fan got very excited after seeing both the big superstars.

Jane said of the incident, “That fan was very excited to see us together. He asked us, ‘Do you both know each other, can I take a picture with you both.’ ‘ Taking my name, he took the picture and said, “You are Jack Ryder. I did not stop laughing for so long.”

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The fan could not differentiate between Steve Austin and Goldberg

Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of the most popular Pro Wrestling superstars in the 1990s, while Goldberg emerged as one of the top superstars of WCW at the time. His character was quite different but the looks were similar and still are today.

In August 2018, Steve Austin tweeted that he was considered a Goldberg by a fan. Goldberg also jokingly responded and said, “You should have thanked that fan.”

Heather Slater looked like WWE Hall of Famer Edge || superstars Who Failed To Identified

Heath Slater had very long hair in 2012, and his in-ring costume also matched WWE Hall of Famer Age. Slater told WWE Inbox Video that he was once accepted as the Age.

Well, Slater has now left WWE and gone to Impact Wrestling, where he is simply known as Heath.

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Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston difficult to identify

Xavier Woods has been an integral part of The New Day since his WWE Men’s Roster debut. In December 2018, Woods told of an incident that happened to him in Kuala Lumpur.

During this time, a customs officer asked Woods if he worked in WWE. The New Day replied yes. But after this, the officer named him Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston and R Truth

Kofi had also been a partner of R Truth, CM Punk and Evan Bourne before Kingston the New Day. In April 2012, Kingston and Truth won the WWE Tag Team Championships and remained champions for nearly 4 months.

Kofi recounting an incident with him said, “A fan started looking at me as What’s Up! What’s Up! I realized after 5 minutes that that fan was considering me as a truth.”

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