WWE Clash Of Champions Results & Video Highlights: September 27, 2020

WWE Clash of Champions PPV is over now and this PPV proved to be much more tremendous. Clash of Champions is the PPV of the year, in which each of the two brands has a championship defense. However, WWE gave the fans a double whammy even before the start of PPV, when it was announced that Shayna Bazzler, Nikki Cross, and Naya Jax were not medically clear and that led to the cancellation of the Women’s Tag Team and SmackDown Women’s Championship match Gone.

However, Clash of Champions started with a tremendous IC Championship match. Apart from this, PPV also got a lot to see. Legendary champions such as Roman Rance, Asuka, The Street Profits, Drew McIntire appeared in action.

The main event saw a great match between Roman Rance and Jay Uso, with great storytelling. It also featured Jay Uso’s brother Jimmy Uso and was seen as a very dangerous form of Rance.

Let’s have a look at Clash of Champions PPV results and video highlights:

#) In the Clash of Champions pre-show Shinske Nakamura and Cijero successfully defeated the SmackDown Tag Team Championship defeating the Lucha House Party.

#) Sammy Jane defeated the IC Championship by defeating Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles. Sammy Jane tied both Styles and Hardy using the best handcuffs during the match.

#) Asuka successfully retained the Raw Women’s Championship defeating Jelina Vega. However, after the match, Jelina Vega surprised everyone while attacking Asuka.

#) Bobby Lashley easily retained the WWE US Championship giving Apollo Cruise a full Nelson move.

#) The Street Profits retained the Raw Tag Team Championship defeating the pair of Andrade and Angel Garza. However, it could be clearly seen in the replays that Andrade had a shoulder and the end of the match would be considered disputed.

#) Bailey did the Open Challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, which was accepted by Asuka. However, the match ended with disqualification. After this match, Sasha Banks returns and attacks Bailey.

#) Drew McIntire won the WWE Championship by defeating Randy Orton in an ambulance match. During the match, Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels attacked Randy Orton.

#) Roman Rance successfully won the WWE Universal Championship defeating Jay Uso. Rince had given Uso a bad condition, after which Jimmy Uso came out and gave up on behalf of his brother.

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