WWE NXT Results: Big Superstar Returns, Robbery Attack On Charlotte Flair

WWE NXT Results: Big Superstar Returns, Robbery Attack On Charlotte Flair

This week saw a great episode of NXT. During the show, Charlotte Flair came to reveal whether she would face the NXT Women’s Champion at Wrestle Mania. Apart from this, the big superstar made a comeback in the main event. Let’s know what was seen in NXT this week.

# 5 Angel Garza vs Isha Scott

Angel Garza and Isha Scott tried to put pressure on each other from the start of the match. During this match, Garza appeared to be overshadowing Scott. He rained Scott on his moves and even managed to counter his moves.

Scott then tries to pin Garza with a Michinoku driver, but Garza kicks out. Finally, Garza wins the match giving Scott the wing clipper.

Result: Angel Garza defeated Isha Scott

# 4 Dominic Dyzakovic vs Killian Dan

It was a great match and during this match both the superstars gave each other a strong fight. Dijakovic knocks Dan down with a cyclone kick. Dijakovic then tried to give top rope Moonsault but Dan withdrew from there.

Dijakovic then won the match by giving Feast Your Eyes.

# 3 Mercedes Martinez vs Casey Catanzaro

Martinez tried to pin Casey with a Double-A spine buster as the match began, but he kicked out. Martinez then tries to give Casey a stalling place but Casey escapes.

Eventually, Mercedes wins the match, giving Casey a fisherman.

Result: Mercedes Martinez defeated Casey Katanajara.

# 3 Jordan Devlin vs Tyler Breeze

As soon as Tyler Breeze entered the entrance ramp, Devlin knocked Breeze down with a running dropkick. Devlin then continued to attack Breeze. Breeze dominated Devlin after the match began.

At the end of the match he tried to pin Devlin by giving a supermodel kick but he kicked out. Devlin then tried to win the leaping cutter match but Breeze kicked out. At the end of the match Devlin won the match giving Devlin side.

Result: Devlin defeated Tyler Breeze

# 2 Segment of Charlotte Flair

Bianca came to the ring to talk about Blair, Rhea Ripley and Charlett Flair. The Queen said on arrival that she is a fan of Bianca. Soon, Ripley comes into the ring, and after this, he and Charlett ignore Bianca.

Charlett then tried to insult Bianca but perhaps Riya did not like it and together with her adversary gave Flair a double electric chair facebuster.

# 1 The Undisputed Era vs Tomacea Siempa & Brozerwets

The match was started by Siempa and O’Reilly, and they then tagged Riddle and Fish. Both teams wanted to win the match under any circumstances and even Cole tried to lead the match by distracting the referee’s attention.

Finally, Siempa let O’Reilly tag Cole. Dun and Riddle then came into the ring to attack the Tag Team Champions. Soon Siampa tried to give Adam Cole his move to Fairy Tail Ending but Rodrick Strong came and gave him the Flying Nee, causing the match to end in disqualification.

Result: Tommaso Siempa & Brozerwets defeated The Undisputed Era via disqualification

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