Wwe raw results :- 18 May 2020

Wwe raw results 18 May 2020

The Raw episode was good. WWE did not do much but still saw some great matches. Apart from this, two stars returned. Also a superstar team was seen changing. It is clear that the RAW car is slowly returning to the trek. Raw superstars are also appearing, while the championship is also defending. Let’s look at all the matches and segments that happened in the Raw episode.

At the start of Raw, Edge accepted Randy Orton’s challenge

In Raw, Randy Orton talked about his challenge and asked Edge to fight the best. The Viper talked about calling Edge a real business. Edge finally accepted the challenge to prove Orton wrong. Now both of them are going to be in the backlash PPV

Buddy Murphy vs Humbarto Carillo

Seth Rollins talked about the raid on Raw (Ray) Mysterio last week. During the promo cut, Carrillo entered and challenged Rollins. Instead Murphy and Carrillo confronted. Carrillo impressed in the match but Murphy benefited due to Rollins’ interference and he won with the help of Hye Nee.

Result: Buddy Murphy defeated Carillo

After the match, both attacked Carillo. During this, Alister Black was entered and he came to save Carillo.

Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Rait

Charlotte arrived in Raw and was talking about her match against Bailey. During this time Ruby Rait’s entry took place and she wanted to face Charlotte. Charlotte defeated Rait in his submission in a few minutes.

Result: Charlett defeated Ruby Raitt

Asuka’s title celebration

Kairi Sane¬†and Asuka were both celebrating. Kairi sane also looked happy when Asuka became the champion. Well, Nia Jax entered and told that she will soon become Raw Women’s Champion. Jax attacks Sen but is not able to overwhelm Asuka.

Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth

The MVP claimed to make Lashley a monster as before. During this time, R-Truth was repeatedly teasing Lashley by becoming pretty Ricky. Lashley did not like this thing. He attacked Truth badly and got him tapped out.

Result: Bobby Lashley wins

Standing on the MVP stage, cheering for Lashley. During this time, Lana appeared backstage very angry and started throwing stuff around.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs The Iiconics (Women’s Tag Team Championship)

Last week in Raw, The Iiconics won the Women’s Tag Team Champions. Got a match for the championship this week. The match was very slow and nothing much was seen. In the end, The Iiconics suffered from a disqualification due to a big mistake.

Result: Alexa Bliss and Nikki retain Women’s Tag Team Championship

Backstage there was a debate between Billy Kay and Peyton Ross. During this, Billy Kay was licked by Ross but later he hugged.

Shayna Baszler vs Natalia (Submission Match)

Shayna Baszler and Natalia are both submission specialists. The match between the two was good. Baszler looked as powerful as ever. Well, in the end Natalia had to tap-out on Baszler’s submission move.

Result: Baszler wins

After the match, Kevin Owens was being brought into the ring to prepare for the show, but Natalia got angry after seeing this. After this, Natalia ransacked.

Kevin Owens and Apollo Cruise vs Angel Garza and Austin Theory

Kevin Owens returned to Raw and said he was fit. During that time he invited zelina and her teammates on The Kevin Owens Show. During this time, Owens told that another guest was coming. After this, Apollo entered and attacked the US champion. A tag team match was seen after this. Austin and Garza were at loggerheads from the start of the match. Well, the match went well and all the stars impressed with the wrestling. Finally Apollo Cruise defeated the rival team with the help of Powerbomb.

Result: Kevin Owens and Apollo Cruz won

After the match, Andrade and Angel Garza attacked Austin Theory. It is clear from here that he has dropped the theory from his team.

Alister Black vs Murphy

Austin was present at ringside. During this time, Murphy and Black’s match was seen. As usual, Black prevailed over his opponent. During this time, Seth Rollins called for help from Theory and called him into his team instead. Theory accepts the offer and attacks Black. Because of this, the contest ended with the help of disqualification. Later in the presence of Seth rollins, Buddy Murphy first hit Black and then Austin Theory also made his move. Rollins hugs Austin.

Result: Alister Black wins

Drew McIntire vs King Corbin (Raw Main Event)

The match was about to start but Bobby Lashley and MVP entered. He said that Lashley would be the next opponent for McIntire’s WWE Championship. Well, Drew and King’s match began and Lashley and MVP stood on the stage. The match proved to be very good. King Corbin certainly did well. Well, Drew McIntyre is hard to beat by anyone at the moment. Drew eventually defeated King with just one Claymore kick.

Result: Drew Wins

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