Wwe raw results :- 4 may 2020 {Latest Matches}

Wwe raw results :- 4 may 2020 {Latest Matches}

The first episode of Money in the Bank was seen in the last episode of Raw. The episode of Raw proved to be much better. The Raw episode saw many good matches and the return of the former WWE Champion. Well, let’s look at all the matches and segments that happened in the Raw episode.

Raw begins with MVP’s VIP lounge

The show was started by MVP and they invited the stars representing Raw in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match. Asuka, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the entry MVP spoke to the trio and asked for opinions on the match. After all this Shayna and Asuka stood there while Jax was sitting. Baszler and Asuka attack Nia together and knock him out of the ring. During this time the MVP prevented Asuka and Baszler from fighting.

Last Chance Gauntlet Match

Apollo Cruise was injured. Because of this, a gauntlet match was decided to give a chance to another star in his place. The match was started by Bobby Lashley and Titus O’Neill, and Lashley pinned Titus with great ease. He also pinned Akira Tozawa shortly thereafter. Later also defeated Benjamin.

After defeating so many stars, Lashley had the next big challenge as Carrillo. Bobby became very angry during this time and due to this he accidentally disqualified. He did not like this thing and attacked Carrillo even after he was out of the match.

Carrillo faces Angel Garza and Carrillo wins in a long battle. Garza’s partner Austin Theory also had a match entry and Carrillo somehow pinned him. Now Carrillo had to defeat just one star to win but AJ Styles returned here.

Styles defeated Carrillo after winning the match with great ease and won. After the match AJ Styles attacked Carrillo again and cut a promo to talk about the match with the Undertaker and the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Result: AJ Styles pinned Carillo and won the Gauntlet match to enter the Ladder Match

Interview of Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins came in the ring and gave interviews. He talks about Drew and Buddy’s combat here and reveals that he trusts his partner. Apart from this, Rollins said that Drew is just the champion, he is not a leader and he is securing to be good. He talked about the burden of being a champion and said that everyone in Money in the Bank would know.

Backstage MVP explained things to the manager Shane Thorne and Brendan Wink before the match. Also saw a backstage interview of Buddy Murphy and said that he wants to focus on his next match and be like Seth Rollins in future or to be better than him.

Brendan Wink and Shane Thorne vs Ricoshe and Cedric Alexander

Both were new tag team pairs and because of this it was interesting to see them in a tag team match. The match was not long but we got plenty of action. At the end of the match, Wink won by pinning him with a brilliant move on Ricoshe.

Result: Brendan Wink and Shane Thorne win

Street Profits vs Viking Raiders

This match was decided only last week and today this match entertained the audience in a tremendous way. It can be said that this was the best match of this episode of Raw. The two teams fought each other hard. On many occasions it seemed that Street Profits would get a big win but it did not happen. In the end the Raiders won the long match with their finishers.

Result: Viking Raiders win pinfall

Drew McIntyre was interviewed and praised Buddy here but told that he would win. Apart from this, Viking Raiders were also interviewed where they talked about defeating street profits. Alister talked about Stiles on his return and said he would further acquit him from inside. Apart from this, promo of Rey Mysterio was also seen.

Charlotte Flair vs Liv Morgan

Charlate Flair cut the promo and talked to Aio Shirai about the match. During this time Liv was entered and there was a debate between the two. Liv later challenges Charlotte to the match. The match between the two proved to be fantastic. Liv gave a tough fight to Charlotte. On many occasions, it seemed that Charlotte could be defeated, but in the end, Charlotte won.

Result: Charlette Flair wins submission

Drew McIntire vs Buddy Murphy

The match started in a tremendous way when Drew completely overshadowed Murphy. Saith Rollins stood on the ramp during the match. Buddy Murphy smacked the WWE Champion on several occasions but in the end Drew won overwhelmingly with Claymore.

Result: Drew Wins

After the match, Seth headed to the ring and Drew called him to the ring to fight but he did not come. They started going back. Seeing this, McIntyre felt that Rollins had now left and started celebrating the victory, but then Rollins came from behind and hit a super kick on the champion. Rollins then picked up the title and he agreed to stomp Drew, but Drew attacked him. The champion then tried to land Claymore but Rollins left from there.

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