Wwe smackdown full results of 1 may 2020

Wwe smackdown full results of 1 may 2020

The episode of SmackDown proved to be tremendous. WWE brilliantly planned the entire episode of SmackDown. SmackDown started with Daniel Bryan, while Otis ended the show. Well, let’s take a look at all the matches and sagments that happened in the episode of SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan’s segment

Daniel Bryan started the show with his promo and revealed that he had won this briefcase before. They know how to win this briefcase. In addition, he talked about King Corbin and said that he wanted to avenge the attack on last week. King was then entered and Bryan instigated him for the match.

Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin

The match started in a tremendous manner where the Heel Star had the upper hand. On most occasions, Heil Star continued to dominate but in the end Daniels tried his best to win. The match was going well but King Corbin attacked Daniels with a ladder on the ramp. Because of this, the match ended with the help of disqualification.

Result: Daniel Bryan Wins Disqualification

King then brought Ladder into the ring and tried to attack Daniels again, but this time Bryan trapped King in submission. cesaro and Nakamura enter from behind and this causes a tremendous attack on Brian. King eventually threw Brian into the Ladders.

Segment of braun strowman

Braun Strowman came into the ring and cut the promo. During this time he talked about his match but then got to see Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House Segment where he talked about a story called ‘The Black Ship’. After the entire settlement of Wyatt, Strowman said that he is no longer the victim of Wyatt. After this, the settlement of Wyatt ended. Former Mixed Match Challenge partners Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss also appeared together backstage. Backstage Alexa Bliss gave her a T-shirt. It seemed that the relationship of the two was being formed again.

Sheamus vs Leon Roof

The match did not last long and with the help of Brogkick, Sheamus won the match.

Result: Sheamus wins

The fourth chapter of Jeff Hardy’s documentary was shown after the match. Michael Cole reports that Hardy will return next week. Sheamus was also present there and told that he too will come next week. The match between the two has been teased.

Mandy Rose vs Carmela (Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier)

Rose and Otis appeared together in the backstage segment and talked about their respective matches. After this Mandy Rose came to the ring where she encountered Carmela. The match was going well and both the stars had claimed victory but Sonya Deville came to ringside in the middle of the match. He tried to distract Mandy on several occasions and due to this, Carmella won the match by applying a superkick.

Result: Carmella wins

After the match, Sonya came into the ring and attacked Mandy tremendously and was later stopped by the referee. It is now clear that 2 close friends have become arch enemies. Backstage Mandy Rose was checked into the trainers room. Otis came there and found out that everything was fine. Dolph Ziggler also appeared here and Otis did not like this thing.

New Day vs Forgotten Sons

The Miz and John Morrison were on commentary during this match. It was a very important match for the Forgotten Sons and they continued to dominate in a tremendous way. They prevailed over Kingston for a long time. Well, the Forgotten Sons won a big win with the help of combinations of their finishers in this spectacular match.

Result: Forgotten Sons Wins

Tamina interview

Backstage Kayla Brackston interviewed Tamina. Later Sasha Banks is entered and she tells Tamina that they can already come together. Meanwhile, Bailey tried to take advantage of this from behind. This was a trick of Sasha. Later Bailey and Sasha both attack Tamina but Lacey arrives and saves Tamina.

In addition, Dolph Ziggler and Sonya plan to beat him badly before the match against backstage Otis.

Otis vs Dolph Ziggler

The main event saw qualifiers for the Money in the Bank Ladder match. Both have reduced in the ring before and both faced again today. The match went on long. Otis demonstrated his strength throughout the match. Ziggler also looked powerful on several occasions but defeating Otis was not easy. In the end Otis pinned Ziegler with the help of the caterpillar.

Result: Otis wins


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