Wwe smackdown all results 6th march 2020 {All moment And Results}

The Miz, Morrison vs The New Day vs The Usos vs Dolph Ziggler, Robert Rude vs Lucha House Party vs Heavy Machinery (Gauntlet Match)

Everyone was waiting for this match because whoever wins this match will make an entry at the end of the Elimination Chamber. Firstly New Day made the entry and then the heavy machinery came. The match ran between them for a long time. In the end the heavy machinery won. Then Lucha House Party entered. Heavy Machinery also fought a good match with them and also eliminated them. The Usoj was also defeated by the heavy machinery after this. Then Miz and Morrison arrive. Miz and Morrison showed good moves here but could not overcome the heavy machinery and lost. Finally Rude and Ziggler came over here. Ziggler and Rude defeated Heavy Machinery.

Fire fly funhouse

Here now the photo of John Cena is defeated. How John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt 6 years ago is also mentioned here. Bray has spoken of taking revenge by presenting a challenge for WrestleMania this time.

Carmela, Dana Brook vs Fire and Desire

Ziggler’s big role came out in this match. His new storyline has started. For this reason, Fire and Desire won a great victory in this match. However, Carmella made a good effort here.

Shamus vs apollo cruise

In this match, Apollo Cruise’s Shorty Ji also came with little support. But even then Apollo Cruise was defeated by Sheamus in a very small match.

Bailey, Sasha Banks vs Naomi, Lacey Evans

This match was quite good. The fans thought that this match would be quite short but it did not happen. Neither there was any explosion here. Neomi and Lacey performed very well in this match but eventually suffered defeat due to the cleverness of Bailey and Sasha Banks.

A moment of bliss

The show saw the full fact of nWo. Alexa Bliss congratulated her on her induction into the Hall of Fame. After this, Alexa and Nikki took a selfie with everyone. After this, many questions were answered. Sammy Jane and Nakamura entered for a while. Jane first greeted everyone and then joked. After this all clashed with each other. This was followed by Cijero and Strowman. Strowman knocked everyone out of the ring.

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