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WWE SmackDown Results Of 10 July 2020

WWE SmackDown Results Of 10 July 2020:– The episode of SmackDown proved to be good. WWE set tremendous sagas and matches at the beginning of the show. Apart from this, some other big things also happened. So we’re going to talk about all the matches and segments that happened in the episode of SmackDown.

– Beginning of SmackDown || WWE SmackDown Results Of 10 July 2020

SmackDown debuted with Miz TV where Jeff Hardy was a special guest. The Miz and John Morrison here talk about Geoff Hardy and Sheamus’ hostility, questioning their bad habits. Geoff gave a befitting reply, but The Miz said that he had to challenge Sheamus to ‘bar fight’ at Extreme Rules, as Hardy would face both his biggest enemies here, Sheamus and Liquor. Hardy accepted it but he also challenged The Miz to the match. Brawl was seen after this.

– Jeff Hardy vs The Miz in SmackDown

The Miz and Jeff Hardy debuted in a tremendous way. There were many times in the match when it seemed that The Miz had an upper hand but Twist of Fury changed everything. Hardy also attacked both stars from the top rope during this time. Morrison’s interference was also seen in the match. Because of this, The Miz had an upper hand. Miz then dominated Hardy with Yes Kicks and DDT.

Hardy returned to the match by raining some great moves. Morrison then tried to interfere but Hardy drove him out and began attacking the Miz. In such a time, Sheamus appeared on screen but it did not distract Hardy and he won.

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Result: Jeff Hardy Wins || WWE SmackDown Results Of 10 July 2020

Casaro and Nakamura talked about the match with New Day in a backstage interview.

– Bailey and Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

Brawl was seen between the two teams before the match. In the match, the Heel team definitely looked heavy on more occasions but Cross and Bliss also performed well. It was difficult for everyone to stop Nikki Cross. In the end, Sasha Banks distracts Nicky Cross and Bailey wins the rollup here.

Result: Bailey and Sasha Banks win

Bron Strowman and Bray Wyatt’s Money in the Bank match.

Big E and Kofi Kingston were spotted backstage at SmackDown where they talked about Nakamura and Cesaro. Lacey Evans and Naomi appeared backstage.

Karaoke Showdown at SmackDown || WWE SmackDown Results Of 10 July 2020

Jay Uso Usoz was the host of the show. First Lacey Evans sang a song. After this Danna Brook also demonstrated her singing skills. Uso then Tamina tried to sing the theme song of her ‘Triple H’ but Uso stopped her. He then called his brother’s wife, Neomi, and sang a wonderful song that the audience liked. Uso then moved the song forward and then talked about all the contestants. He declared Neomi the winner after listening to the fans. They were then attacked by Lacey Evans and thus Brawl started.

– Neomi vs Lacey Evans in SmackDown

The match did not last long as Evans was debated at ringside and Brawl was seen again after that. Because of this, the match did not end well.

Result: DQ ends the match

AJ Styles appeared in a backstage interview where he talked about the title defense at SmackDown last week. Apart from this, it was revealed that there will be a match for the IC Title between Matt Riddle and AJ Styles next week.

– New Day vs Cijero and Shinske Nakamura at SmackDown

At the start of the match, Big E had a big edge but Nakamura soon caught on to Kofi. Big E got the tag and he overturned the match. Kofi bounced back and beheaded Cesaro. After some time a double team was seen in the match and both the teams did not listen to the referee and due to this, they had to stop the match.

Result: match ended with double DQ

Cesaro pulled out the table but New Day tried to make a comeback. He did not succeed in this and Cesaro and Nakamura slammed Big E and Kofi on the table.

Thus ended the episode of SmackDown.

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