Wwe Smackdown Results Of 5 June 2020 :- Complete Results

The episode of SmackDown was not very special. The episode of SmackDown saw some big matches and segments but it cannot be called SmackDown’s best show. WWE did not deliver the show as expected. Well, let’s take a look at all the matches and sagas that took place in SmackDown.

Jeff Hardy’s Segment in SmackDown

Jeff Hardy cut the promo after making his entry into the ring and revealed that he knew nothing about the accident that occurred last week.

He told that while he was getting out of the car, he was attacked by someone. Also Hardy was told that he was attacked by a star with red hair and a beard. This was followed by Sheamus’ entry and he talked about Hardy. Jeff then went on to attack them and a small brawl was seen between the two, where Sheamus threw Hardy at ringside defenders. Well, Sheamus really overshadowed Hardy.

Otis vs King Corbin at SmackDown

Otis and Mandy Rose stole the crown of backstage King Corbin. After this, in the match between the two, King tried to take revenge. Otis impressed everyone. King Corbin was also overshadowed on several occasions in the match. At a time when Corbin felt he would not win, he attacked King with a chair. Otis later beats the King.

Result: Otis wins because of disqualification

SmackDown Lacey Evans vs Sonya Devil

The match between the two stars was also seen last week and they were seen again. Evans was attacked by Sonya before the match. Despite this, Lacey Evans performed well in the match. Sonya was overshadowed at the end of the match but Mandy appeared on the screen daily and due to this the Devil lost a focus. Lacey Evans took advantage of this and put on Women’s Right.

Result: Lacey Evans wins over Sonya Devil

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan’s Segment at SmackDown

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan met in the ring where Renee Young was present. The two vied to become Intercontinental champions. In addition, Bryan said that if Styles becomes the champion, he will have to defend the championship every week. AJ Styles then challenged Drew Gulak to the match.

AJ Styles vs Drew Gulak at SmackDown

AJ Styles was overshadowing right from the start of the match. Drew also smashes Styles with the help of a drop kick. He then implicated Stiles in the submission but Styles departed. AJ Styles then made a comeback and prevailed over Drew with a great performance. In the end, Drew smashes Stiles from the Michinoku driver. Drew Gulak somehow defeated Stiles via a rollup in the end.

Result: Drew Gulak Wins Big

Buildup of Universal Title in SmackDown

Initially, when Bron Strowman was pouring water into the water bottle, foam started coming out of his bottle. Because of this he became unhappy. After this, when Bron came to his car, he saw that his car had been broken. Bronn looked quite angry, upon discovering he overturned The Miz and Morrison’s car. During this time he was sitting inside.

New Day and Shorty G vs Mojo Rauli, Cijero and Shinske Nakamura at SmackDown

This match was seen due to backstage segmentation. The match went well where the Heel team initially performed brilliantly. On several occasions in the match, New Day tried to show his strength but he did not succeed. Well, in the final round of the match, Shorty G tagged New Day and he pinned Mojo with the help of his finisher Midnight Hour.

Result: New Day and Shorty won

Bailey and Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss in SmackDown

Cross and Bailey started the match. Well, soon Bailey tagged Sasha and then Sasha smacked the opposing stars. He then applied a double backbreaker. After this, Sasha Banks at the Corner, with the help of Neese, attacked the cross badly. Bailey also made his way against the cross but tagged Bliss.

Alexa Bliss came into the ring and beat both Heel stars. The match distracted Alexa and Bailey again began attacking them. Bailey also put Bailey to Bailey from Top Rope here. Well, Banks did not pin even after tagging. Nikki Cross and Sasha’s action were also seen outside the ring. Cross then came into the ring and put a crossbody on Bailey and tried to pin but Sasha broke the pin. He then tagged Bailey into the corner. In the end Sasha pinned the cross through a rollup.

Result: Bailey and Sasha Banks become New Women’s Tag Team champions in SmackDown

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