WWE Takeover Nxt Result {All Championship Matches}

WWE Takeover Nxt Result {All Championship Matches}

NXT takeovers have always been special, and the PPV in Portland was great. WWE booked fewer matches for the event but almost all the matches were spectacular. The show defended NXT, Women’s and North American Championships. Apart from this, a new superstar was also debuted. Well, let’s take a look at the results of all matches at NXT TakeOver: Portland.

# Keith Lee vs Dominic Dijakovic (NXT North American Championship)

There was not much buildup for the title match between the two superstars but the match was great. The start of the takeover was done brilliantly by both. The contest lasted for about half an hour where there were many good moves and finishers. In the end, champion Keith Lee successfully defended the title. He won with the help of his body finisher.

Result: Keith Lee Wins With Pin fall

#Tegan Knox vs Dakota Kai || WWE Takeover Nxt Result

There was a fight between the two superstars before the match. The match started after a tremendous attack. Both started the street fight properly and used many weapons. Knox suffered a tremendous attack from the Heel superstar during this time. In the end Knox had an upper hand, but new superstar Rachel Gonzalez entered and attacked Knox. Kai took advantage of this and won the pin, after the match Gonzalez raised Dakota Kai’s hand and declared him victorious.

Result: Dakota Kai defeated Tegan Knox with the help of pinfall

#Johny Gargano vs Finn Baylor

There was enmity between the two superstars for months. Johnny was injured in the middle and due to this he could not match with Baylor but today both superstars have come face to face. Before the match, both of them cut promos and kept their side. He definitely made the takeovers in Portland special. Gargano and Baylor used many good moves. In the end Baylor defeated Gargano with the help of his new finisher. This match must get 5 star ratings.

Result: Finn Baylor defeated Gargono with the help of pinfall

#Rhea Ripley vs Bianca Blair (NXT Women’s Championship)

Bianca won the No. 1 contender match and got her match for the title today. Both women’s superstars did a great job. Rhea tried to pin on several occasions but Blair did not give up quickly. The end of this match of the women’s title was tremendous. In the end, Ripley won with the help of Ripkord.

Result: Rhea Ripley defeated Bianca Blair with the help of pinfall

After the match, Charlotte entered and attacked Rhea. Also Flair told that she would meet Ripley at Wrestle Mania.

# Undisputed Era vs Borrjerwets (NXT Tag Team Championship)

The Brojerwets together won the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team Tournament shortly before. Now Pete Dunn and Matt Riddle get a chance for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Kyle’O Rylee and Bobby Fish also performed brilliantly during this match. Brojerwets and Undisputed Era gave a tremendous match. In the end, Dunn and Riddle were in great touch and won the match.

Result: Borrgervets won the NXT Tag Team Championship with the help of pin fall

# Adam Cole vs Tommaso Siempa (NXT Championship)

The Survivor Series between the two was witnessing a rift from the PPV and the match between the two was seen in the takeover. The match was most interesting because every fan wanted to see Siempa winning the title. Both of them sacrificed their lives in the championship match. Undisputed Era’s interference was seen at the last minute and in addition Johnny Gargeno also came to help Siempa but he attacked Siempa itself. This shocking attack led to Adam Cole winning.

Result: Adam Cole retained the title with the help of pinfall


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