WWE wrestler Ray Mysterio made a big disclosure about his retirement plan

The storyline of WWE veteran and current SmackDown superstar Ray Mysterio is one of the most moving at the moment. He was previously on WWE Raw but was put on SmackDown during the draft. He also did a great job in Raw.

Recently Ray Mysterio and his son Dominic gave an interview on Lillian Garcia’s podcast. Ray Mysterio spoke about his retirement plan here. Ray Mysterio said,

I will turn 45 in December. I do not think I will be able to do this till the age of 50 years. My body is feeling good at the moment. I am currently working on a new plan. I always pay attention to the new method of therapy. There are many things that benefit me. Because of this I can give you some time and time.

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Ray Mysterio in WWE

Ray Mysterio is a big name in the WWE. For nearly 30 years, he has been showing his fire in the world of professional wrestling. During this time, he has shown his enthusiasm for many promotions. But his best run has been in WWE. Ray Mysterio is quite famous for 619. Regarding retirement in this interview, Ray Mysterio said that if you come to WWE once, then you do not go anywhere because it is the biggest thing. So my career is also here and it will end here.

This year in WWE has been good for Ray Mysterio. His Rivalry with Saith Rawlins has been superb. This food has become quite personal. Because the whole family of Ray Mysterio has joined it. Earlier Feud was running in Raw but now it is running in SmackDown. Ray Mysterio’s son Dominique also debuted at SummerSlam this year. He had a great match with Saith Rawlins. So far Dominic has also done a fantastic job. Currently, her storyline in SmackDown is going great. There has been tremendous support from the fans.

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